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Latest News: Venture Bros. Back On The Air

After a lengthy hiatus, Adult Swim is finally putting Venture Bros. back on the air. Starting this Sunday, April 6th, at 8pm Eastern/Pacific time (adjust for your timezone accordingly) you can catch a one-hour block of episodes from the very beginning, season one. The second episode in the block will also reair the next morning (or later that night, depending on your sleep schedule and employment status) at 5am. You can always stay on top of the schedule (except when I forget to update it) by checking the official Mantis-Eye Venture Bros. schedule. Official for this site, but not Adult Swim, that is. They have their own, but it’s got a bunch of other shows on it so it’s harder to figure out.

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Latest News: Venture Bros. Season Five DVD/Blu-Ray Revealed!

Sometime earlier today the art and release date for the Venture Bros. season five DVD/Blu-Ray was released! You can check out the art below (click for a bigger version) and the release date is currently March 4th, 2014 for both formats. All season five episodes will be included, as well as "From The Ladle To The Grave…" and "A Very Venture Halloween" (technically part of season five’s arc). You can also pre-order the DVD version on Amazon for a mere $17.49. No specific word on any extras just yet, though there will be the usual episode commentaries from Jackson and Doc.

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Latest News: Cash In Those Hankbucks For A Hankbuck Towel

Or more accurately a discount on your very own Hankbuck towel. The Venture Bros. crew at Titmouse are offering up a Hankbuck towel for a mere $25. However if you have any Hankbucks (one came with each Shirt Club shirt) print out this form on Astrobase Go!, fill it out and mail it in with your Hankbucks for a discount. Each Hankbuck is worth one buck off the towel, meaning if you were a subscriber the towel can be yours for only $15!

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Latest News: "The Devil's Grip" Sneak Peeks

Some previews for the Venture Bros. season five finale, "The Devil’s Grip" for your viewing enjoyment. First we’ve got a sneak peek at the opening scene of the episode:
And secondly we have the “next time on Venture Bros." sequence from the end of last week’s episode. So if you’ve already seen it, that’s what it is. Still, it might hold you over for the next couple of days. Maybe.

"The Devil’s Grip" airs this Sunday night at midnight.

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Latest News: What's Trending: Interview with Jackson and Doc at SDCC

YouTube curation site What’s Trending? has an interview with Jackson and Doc that they conducted yesterday live from San Diego Comic-Con. Doc reveals his secret bowel movement Twitter account and, as per tradition Jackson and Doc refuse to answer a spoiler question.

If you’re interested in other clips from the same interview, Doc gives advice to Amanda Bynes as Dr. Girlfriend and Jackson performs the monolog from Pacific Rim as the Monarch. Both are recommended.

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Latest News: Shirt Club Henchman 21 Contest At SDCC

For those of you who are going to SDCC and attending the Venture Bros. panel (with Jackson, Doc and Patrick Warburton) if you are also into the costumed play Jackson posted details about the Henchman 21 contest that will take place after the Venture Bros. panel, Friday at 12:15pm (it ends at 1pm). Basically, if you dress up as Henchman 21 then you have a chance to be in the photo for the last Shirt Club shirt when it goes up Sunday night at midnight. So dust off your yellow jerkin and orange cardboard wings (or whatever other Gary costume you might have) and get ready! Head on over to Jackson’s LiveJournal (or his tumblr, if you prefer) for the full scoop.

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